In the beginning...

Our jouney began with a chance meeting meeting between a northern soul and a southern star who were both bored of moody bouncers, minimal beats and believed in something, well... better.

Over the past ten years, Nocturnal has championed the sounds of underground music on the south coast, regularly playing host to a cast of letfield heroes from across the disco galaxy.

Ame (Innervisions), Andrew Weatherall, Ashley Beedle, Benji B, Greg Wilson, Jazzanova, Maurice Fulton, Mark E, Recloose, Rainer Truby, Yam Who? and the Unabombers have all graced our hallowed Technic 1210's at a time when most of them had rarely played outside of London, let alone downtown Southampton.

We've hung our disco ball in dingy basement dives, the back rooms of moody pubs, glamorous New York style lofts and even jaunts on the high seas as we danced the night away to disco, deep house, dubbed out techno, funk, soul and sleazy sounds.

As word spread, we've played records to like minded souls at a network of underground club nights, festivals and all day parties up and down the country in London, Manchester, Brighton, Glasgow, Croatia, Ibiza and beyond.

We've made music and been signed to Disco Deviance. We've started our own record label and had a string of limited edition vinyl only releases that were record of the week in Piccadilly Records, Phonica Records and Juno.

Here's to another ten years.

Nocturnal forever.

Lloyd & Fazz

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